Adolescent Mental Health

Adolescence can be a developmental period fraught with major challenges and stresses in the areas of friendships, bullying, personal identity, family relationships, independence, sexuality, romantic relationships, social media (and other online activity), body image, substance experimentation and more. Some symptoms of mental health conditions may surface during the late childhood/early teen years and it can be tremendously helpful to be able to access early intervention assistance in order to reduce the risk of symptoms developing into a mental health condition. Seeing an early intervention psychologist can help your child or young person get a handle on their emotional lives and teach them the necessary emotional regulation skills to deal with the many issues confronting them. There are a number of therapeutic interventions that are very useful for adolescents, including DBT, mindfulness training, CBT and even Schema Therapy sometimes. Of course, any good intervention includes the parents and sometimes other family members, so that they too can improve and fine tune their skills in communication and emotion coaching, limit setting and fostering the relationship.