Are you a therapist wanting to focus more on self-care?

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Gemma Gladstone is offering a variety of training for 2018.

Interested in Self-Care?

The One-day “Self-Care for the Therapist: A Schema Therapy Approach” will be offered in Mel (15th June); Bris (6th July) and Syd (27th July).  In this workshop we will explore:

  • Which of your schemas or modes interfere with how you work as a therapist & interfere with your ability to meet your own needs
  • How you can take care of yourself when confronted with clients’ anger & angry responses, over-compensating modes, distressing histories, expressed hopelessness and other difficult experiences.
  • Old beliefs from your ‘inner-critic’ which might still dictate the way you see yourself or the way you work as a therapist.
  • How you can use self-compassion practices to make a real difference in your life.

This event is suitable for therapists and mental health professionals at any stage of their career.  The workshop will provide: practical strategies for safeguarding yourself in your sessions, experiential exercises, case discussions, therapist self-compassion practices, useful tools to help you assess & address your trigger points (schema activation in session) and opportunities for self-reflection and small group work.


To REGISTER for this event, please contact the office (02) 9388 – 0534 to book over the phone or visit