Many clients, both women and men have a history of difficulties associated with finding a partner who is emotionally available, stable and reliable. This is a common issue in the community and many people find that they have always been attracted to a certain ‘type’ of partner or have typically found themselves involved with perhaps the ‘wrong’ type of person for them. Sometimes the partners we are most attracted to (on a chemistry level) are the ones that turn out to be the least emotionally suitable for us. There is a very fundamental relationship between our early parenting experiences (ie, our ‘model of love’) and the type of partner we seek out to meet our love needs in adulthood.

There is usually little co-incidence in the world of mating and partner selection, as these behaviours are very much influenced by our family of origin experiences and relationships with caregivers mainly on a sub-conscious level. If you have observed a ‘pattern’ in your love life which you think is unhelpful or you feel compelled to have relationships with a particular type of person, then we can help you gain key insights and make some positive changes for the better.

If you have been looking for a partner who is emotionally available and reliable, but you have not been able to secure such a relationship, therapy can most likely assist you in that process. We can also help you with internet dating and navigating your way through some of the pitfalls associated with that method.