Around 15-20% of couples experience problems with conceiving and single women and those in same sex relationships also often need help with assisted reproduction technologies. The emotional toll of ongoing treatments and unsuccessful IVF cycles can be enormous and emotionally and physically draining (not to mention the financial drain).

The emotions experienced can be very complicated and difficult for those around you to understand and come to grips with. Family and friends may try to be supportive and optimistic but it can be often difficult to disclose and discuss what is going on for you due to fear and concerns about being judged or evaluated or simply due to sheer exhaustion. It is common to experience deep feelings of grief and other mental health symptoms are commonly experienced by those undergoing protracted (long-term) treatments.

Talking to a supportive person outside the circle of family and friends can be helpful. Some of our psychologists have a special interest in this area and can assist with the emotional turmoil and mental anguish which is felt commonly by so many women and couples.

For a women who yearns for a child but does not have the luxury of choice due to medical/fertility/life circumstances, the associated grief can be the most painful and emotionally debilitating type of grief that can be experienced in her lifetime.