Parenting Concerns &
your Child’s Behaviours

Being a parent is one of the most challenging roles you will ever undertake. It’s importance cannot be underestimated as your child’s view of themselves and their expectations of others and the world is informed a lot by their relationships with you.

It is hard to parent well at times and our children can take us to the extremes of emotions – both the good and the bad. Sometimes our reactions to our children can take us by surprise and we may not like how we parent in those moments. Additionally, our child’s temperament and our own personality may not be a good natural fit and we may have to work hard to parent well. In these situations it is helpful to understand more about our own emotional buttons and how they are triggered and what coping styles we use when they are.

Schema therapy can really help unravel the origins of your own parenting auto-pilot so you can make better and more mindful decisions about how to be with your children and what you are trying to achieve as a parent.

At the Good Mood Clinic we also specialize in Emotion Coaching – a parenting style that has been proven to improve your child’s emotional resilience and reduce their risk of mental health problems later in life.